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So much of Trutrack's reputation is owed to the exceptionally high quality individual suspension products used in putting together and tailoring the ideal suspension package.

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Koni Suspension Products

Koni shock absorbers are produced from the finest materials. Surfaces are machined to the narrowest tolerances and quality controlis incorporated in all production steps.

After final assembly, each shock absorber is 100% dyno–tested to check that the damping forces are perfectly matched to the specifications and to assure the highest possible quality.

H & R Sport Springs

As the first spring manufacturer worldwide, H&R delivers TÜV approved spring sets for more than 25 years.

With more thaN 900 different sport spring sets the product range of H&R is today one of the world´s most comprehensive options to individualize cars.

Eibach Suspension

Since decades, Eibach is not only successfully engaged in the sports suspension market but also dedicated to the technical potential – the balance of traction and attraction – the ultimate solution of performance and appearance.

Experience the passion of driving with Eibach Suspension Systems – Motorsport technology of the newest generation.

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